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"You can tell a lot about the person from the music they listen to. Put your music device on shuffle and write the first 20 songs that play without skipping. Tag 10 people afterwards."

  1. Breakaway [Celine Dion]
  2. Just Can’t Throw Us Away [Hugh Sheridan]
  3. The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter [Reba McEntire]
  4. Searchin’ My Soul [Vonda Shepard]
  5. Heartlines [Florence + The Machine]
  6. Satellites [James Blunt]
  7. Breathe Me [Sarah Brightman]
  8. I Blame You [10 Years]
  9. Baby Girl [Sugarland]
  10. Mariska Hargitay [Preston Hull]
  11. So Cold [Ben Cocks]
  12. Seduces Me [Celine Dion] this one has been giving me Fearless Queen feels the past two weeks so look out for it in the future of Thrive
  13. She Wasn’t Good Enough For Him [Reba McEntire] OMG just you wait until I buckle down and write the fic I have planned for this you will hate me :D
  14. Come To Me [Lucy Lawless]
  15. The Grass Is Blue [Dolly Parton]
  16. Attendre [Celine Dion]
  17. The Way Out / The Love of Your Love / Passing Through [Xena Soundtrack — Lucy Lawless]
  18. Hurricane [30 Seconds to Mars]
  19. Legendary Lovers [Katy Perry]
  20. Let the River Run [Carly Simon]

*looks up, squints* huh, thought there’d be more Celine and Reba.


SQAW Day 7 (one of many favorite fanfictions)

Approximately 525 600 Minutes

I love you more than I ever thought  I could love someone. I tried to fight it, everyday I tried to push those feelings away but every night I just fell in love with you again.

Your Idiot and maybe True Love,



Swan Queen Looks

 The Heart of a Lonely Hunter


swan queen appreciation week: day 5
    ↳favorite swan-mills-charming family moment: family dinner at granny’s


Rewatching S3 and this scene got me grinning like an idiot. So we have the mighty love triangle of Neal-Emma-Hook, ratings [supposedly] going crazy and all that jazz. But then they all get in danger and these two lads’ first reaction is to encourage Emma to run. Which, on the surface, is actually a sweet thing to do, thinking about her and trying to get her to safety. And then Emma lights the damn candle, saves them all. Because… Regina. Who challenged her when it was necessary, who made her see she has the means to save herself and to save others, that she can fight on this new battlefiled that is entirely foreign for Emma.

This is how you steal a scene without even being in it.  


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swan queen appreciation week
 ↳  [a] favorite fic: Who Needs Shelter by deemnfic

“You made him this way.  You and your whole damn clan and your hero complexes and your complete inability to strategize rationally and—you made him this way and then you showed up and stayed and you’re the Savior and of course he’d do this, he wants to be just like you and—“

Emma holds her up, holds her close, and she doesn’t get that, doesn’t get how Emma is still here when this is her own fault and—

“You’re an idiot,” Emma whispers, and Regina has to turn to look at her, because her voice sounds—he wasn’t supposed to be like us and a carbon copy and me?  “You’re the one who taught him how to love.  He learned how to be a hero from you.”

She shatters and Emma gathers her up, holds her together through every sob, curls around her body on the floor of the shower stall and she doesn’t know how long they sit there, how long it takes her to realize that Emma is whispering just behind her ear.  “Please,” she keeps saying, “please, please, please, you taught him and he taught me so please, please—“


She isn’t even really sure what Emma’s asking—Emma probably isn’t sure what she’s asking—but anything Emma would ask of her, anything she has the power to give—“Okay,” she gets out, and presses her forehead to Emma’s cheek, holds there.  “Okay.”


"one without the other and both are done"


Day 6 (favorite song)