I need a fic where Henry gets Regina and Emma to play Twister with him. Then he intentionally gets out early just so they could play together. Regina insists that they stop but Henry says it’d be more fun if they finished the game. The game continues, a lot of unintentional touching happens, and then Emma loses her balance and falls on Regina. They’re faces end up really close to each other’s and there is no mistake that they looked at each others lips. Things get awkward and fluffy. I need this in my life.


Summary: SQ AU: Regina is a law student at Harvard working over the summer as an intern at Gold and Associates law firm. Emma has been putting herself through college by working as a secretary/assistant and the Boston Police Department and taking night classes. She is studying criminal justice with the goal to become a detective.

Rated T

So you wanna play with magic?


The student becomes the master. - Asked by anonymous.

She’s important isn’t she?

She’s important isn’t she?


Could Regina take revenge against Emma?